With the support of both of our pastors, we are happy to announce that the inaugural meeting of Serenity will be October 10! We will continue to meet monthly on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 – 8:00. We chose the name Serenity because we want to be an oasis of peace within the storm of cancer, providing emotional and spiritual support to any individual with any form of cancer. This includes those that have been recently diagnosed, those presently in treatment, and cancer survivors as well as their caregivers.

When our small group first met last fall, we soon discovered that several of us were either currently in cancer treatment or were recent cancer survivors. Naturally, we shared our personal experiences, frustrations, and resources. One of the concerns Deb Park shared was that she had looked for a support group, but had not found one in Jefferson County. In the spring she approached Naomi Hawkins and myself and asked if we would join her in forming a cancer support group that would meet here at CTBC. In addition, Ed Stanton, Dean Hawkins, and Mike Park have joined our committee.

Beginning at 6:30 the monthly meetings will convene in the fellowship hall. After a short period of greeting and registration, we will break out into small groups of no more than 12. In these small groups, cancer patients will be able to talk confidentially about where they are in their cancer walk, discuss their concerns, and share their successes. In the caregiver small groups, family members and other supporters will be able to encourage each other as they stand beside their cancer patient. (Childcare will not be provided during Serenity meetings.) For those who wish to join, we will close the meeting in the fellowship hall with a time of prayer.

How can you help in this undertaking? Please take a flyer (coming soon) and share it with anyone you know that is struggling with cancer or is a caregiver to a cancer patient. We covet your prayers as we reach out to our neighbors!

Rosemary Justus

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; Psalm 23:4a (NIV)